Teacher Education

Our research has also taken us more recently to include a focus on mathematics teacher education. One could see this as a response to the newer needs (since 2020) in our jurisdiction to prepare mathematics teachers to integrate coding in their Gr. 1-9 mathematics teaching (see C.3 here for grade 1-8 coding expectations and see section C.2 here for grade 9 coding expectations).

One of the works we have undertaken concerns the re-design of a university programming-based mathematics course focused on pure or applied inquiry projects specifically offered to future mathematics teachers. Our research also aims at focusing on the future teachers’ learning in this course.

Here are some preliminary works and resources:

  • Course design to be discussed at INDRUM (International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics) in October 2022 including how it aims to address the second of “Klein’s double discontinuity” (poster proposal and poster)
  • Future teachers’ documentational genesis to be discussed in July 2022 at PME (poster proposal and poster) and further elaborated on in September 2022 at MEDA (paper- forthcoming)

Selected (Re-designed) 2022 Course Material:

Future teachers’ collaborative final projects in collaboration with local teachers for the preparation and implementation of a coding and math activity in the Gr 5-9 classroom: