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For University Mathematicians

As our research progresses, we will briefly summarize in this page its main results and recommendations for post-secondary mathematics departments. We also provide descriptions of implementation elements that we think could be useful.

Results and Recommendations

Teaching Resources

Implementation of undergraduate programming-based mathematics

Computational Thinking in Undergraduate Math

‘Computational Thinking’ is becoming increasingly included in schools around the world. For example, England, France, New-Zealand, and Australia have integrated it in their mandatory school education. But what is happening in our undergraduate mathematics programs? Should mathematics departments also adapt to this change? If so, how?

Just like mathematicians do it!

This article (written for school mathematics teachers) describes the implemented view at Brock University of using programming in university mathematics education to ‘mimic’, in a smaller scale, the engagement of a research mathematician.

Doing mathematics differently

This article (published in Mathematics Today) reflects on the learning experiences of Brock University mathematics undergraduates in designing, programming, and using interactive environments for mathematics investigations.

MICA: A Novel Direction

This very brief article describes an holistic approach, at the time, of technology integration in the undergraduate mathematics program, called Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications (MICA), at Brock University.

Integration of mathematics education research in our teaching of undergraduate mathematics